General Policy
We strongly support privacy on the Internet.  We are in the business of developing software and providing services, not the business of marketing personal data.  The information which you provide to Listomax® is only used for the purpose of eBay listings. 

Site Visits
When you visit our site, the server, like all web servers, records the address you come from, the date and time, the page downloaded and the browser used. This does not contain any personal information. We only analyze it to determine how often pages are downloaded.

The Listomax site doesn't use cookies. Later, we may have a message board for providing ongoing answers to user questions. That message board would use cookies to store the last time a user logged in, user login identification, and other personal preferences. There will be a special FAQ provided for that board when we initiate it. 

Email addresses
When you send us email or register online, we keep the email address. We use these, if you give your permission, for announcements of upgrades, new releases and technical reports. Each mailing will contain details of how to remove yourself from future mailings.

Reselling information
We do not sell customer information.

No Spyware - No Adware Policy
Neither the Listomax software nor its website contain any spyware or any adware of any kind.  Listomax does not install any tracking software on your system or collect any personal information about you or your browsing habits.  Listomax software does not "spy" on other programs you run or the web sites you visit.  We don't monitor any of your computer's usage.  Listomax software does not come bundled with any third party software. 

Using Credit Cards on the Internet
The online registration process at PayPal uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) link. This encrypts all information sent across the Internet.

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