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If there are no issues deliberately left out of agreement and satisfaction, all the controversy between the parties will be settled. It expires all obligations arising from the underlying contract or unlawful act. If only one part out of two or more settles on one side, it normally works to relieve all of them. The reason for this is the rule that there should be only satisfaction for a single injury or injustice. This rule does not apply if satisfaction is not given or accepted with the intention of resolving the whole issue. A method of satisfying a receivable in which the parties agree to give and accept something to settle the receivable and perform the agreement, the agreement being the agreement and satisfaction of its performance or performance, and it is a new contract that replaces an old contract that is thus fulfilled, or for an obligation or means of recourse that will be settled and must contain all the elements of a valid contract. Stack then sent Gelles a check for $US 13,000, half the amount owed, and indicated in a cover letter that the payment was the final payment of the contract. Gelles cashed the check and then complained about the other half. Gelles lost in court on the grounds that cashing the cheque was an “agreement and satisfaction” of the dispute between the parties. Compliance and satisfaction are normally a matter of public law and are generally defined as an agreement for the execution of a claim in which the parties agree to provide and accept another service, usually less than what is necessary or due. Any claim based on an explicit or tacit contract may be agreed upon and satisfied. See our article on contracts.

Since an agreement is considered a new agreement replacing the old one, compliance and satisfaction must contain all the essential elements of a contract. In the complaint against McDowell, the plaintiff McDowell Welding & Pipefitting, Inc. (“McDowell”) sued the general contractor BE &K Construction Co. (“BE&K”) and the owner of the United States Gypsum Co. (“U.S. Gypsum”) project allege that the defendants failed to pay for the work done by McDowell for a new facility for U.S. Gypsum. The defendants asserted, as an affirmative defense, that McDowell had agreed to release its claims against the defendants against the payment of US$896,000, and refute the specific performance of this settlement agreement. . . .

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