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This document contains guidelines on the obligations and practical aspects of the NDF process, including the assessment of data needs, data exchange, costs and joint submission. This paper highlights the importance of fairness in the cost-sharing process in ISIC. SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora) are made up of companies that intend to register the same substance. They are intended to facilitate the exchange of data between enterprises and thus to avoid double studies and to agree on classification and labelling where there are differences between registrants. Users can view or update the membership list prior to SIEFs. This document gives companies a guide on the pre-registration process (late), including practical information on submitting a pre-registration (late) Version updated January 2012 (changes to the previous version are indicated in the document). In order to achieve an efficient registration and communication process within the SIEF, it is recommended to group the members of the SIEF into 4 different categories according to 4 different SIEF codes. These codes reflect the role of each company in each given pre-SIEF/SIEF. This form letter can be used to send the survey to SIEF members. This document contains some considerations for cases where a number of companies have submitted individual registrations, i.e.

not as members of the joint submission This document sets out the concept of access decision, including some points that SIEF members must take into account in their activities. . . .

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