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It can be rented by individuals, alone or jointly, by companies, trusts and hufs of the Hindu Undivided Family. Read on to learn about the process of assigning a safe by a bank. During the year, up to 12 visits are free, after which banks charge Rs 200 plus GST each time. These additional fees are deducted from the customer`s bank account. This clause may vary from one bank to another. Yes, it is safe to keep jewelry in the locker, but the bank is not responsible. In addition, after establishing a waiting list for lockers, the RBI asked bank branches to keep appropriate records for this purpose. You must use the locker at least once a year. The bank can seal your locker if it is not served.

If the bank`s objection is ignored, it has the right to cancel the allocation of the record, even if the rent is regularly paid.

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