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As far as agency contracts that involve subsidies are concerned, the authority is not the economic law. The right citation for agency agreements involving grants may be the PHS Act and/or the IC Appropriation Act. For example, nih components can “pool” resources or contribute to joint grant funding where powers exist, for example. B ic Appropriation Act. Again, the Economic Law is not the appropriate citation for this purpose. Ensure that the relevant CI staff have received copies of the signed agreements, 4) the Head of the Agency decides that the goods or services ordered cannot be provided by a commercial enterprise in such a convenient or cost-effective manner. An amendment (with the exception of an extension) of an agreement amends or amends one or more provisions of an interinstitutional/interinstitutional agreement for the current financial year. In this section, for the sake of clarity, the term “Agency” is replaced by “executive service or agency independent of government”. See 12 comp. Gen. 442 (1932) and United States, Mitchell, 425 F.

Supp. 917 (D.C 1976). The words “primary organizational unit” or “unit” are replaced by “office or office” in order to maintain consistency in the revised title. For reasons of clarity and reformulation, the words “for the fulfillment of the order” or “for the fulfillment of the order” are replaced by the words “requirements” and “how to requisition them”. The words “goods or services” are replaced by the words “material, supplies, equipment, work or services” to eliminate unnecessary words. Note: The “load back” method of the OPAC system allows a client agency to invoice an OPAC agency to correct incorrect or incorrect billing. Many billing agencies are touring the OPAC in order to avoid delays that were previously related to obsolete SF 1081 transfers “good and schedule of withdrawals and credits”. It is therefore necessary to adapt before the end of the financial year the obligations covered by an agreement of the Economic Law for the performance of the work of civil servants in order to correspond to the amounts actually committed by the executing agency.

We have decided that the OrderIng Agency (AFOSR), with a few exceptions, which we discuss later, must charge its obligation to reimburse the work, services or materials ordered with the use of the fiscal year in which the work, service or material was provided. . . .

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