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A new tax case reminds us of the need for landowners to ensure that grass income is covered by the definition of trade as a farmer. The case concerned a Conacre agreement which applies specifically to Northern Ireland, but which dealt with the definition of activities considered to be attitudes. “If you resell bpS and sell your weed, it is important that you maintain control of the country by being responsible for all the work in the field, otherwise you can be punished under the rules of the Rural Payments Agency.” Profit-to-take agreements (also known as grass or pasturage rights) are less common, but are really a different way of achieving the same goal; They always let a third party`s animals occupy their land in exchange for a royalty, but the legal justification is another. In a profit, you actually sell your grass crop to the third and they take this grass crop, on the mouths of their animals (I laugh as I write – you just couldn`t do some of the pretentious English law). Again, the landowner remains the occupier of the country because he grows the grass crop he sells, which means that the same benefits apply in terms of subsidies and tax breaks. Design considerations are largely the same as for grazing licences, although profit contracts also expect the landowner to obtain positive obligations to preserve fences and keep weeds and others, proving that they grow and maintain the harvest (grass) sold. Most grass rentals have water, either natural water or the system. If there is a way to measure water supply separately, especially where cattle are grazed, that is a good thing. It is important to keep control of weeds, especially thistles and nettles. The preferred method of managing weeds and managers should be included in the license. The decision noted that the landowner actively varied fertilizers and long-term pasture management in response to the current state of the grass harvest – although this herb fed the tenant`s population.

He showed an active awareness of the land and its condition and showed that the farmer is taking steps to maximize his grass harvest. If you use Graskeep as part of your tax planning strategy, it is important to take further advice from your accountant and real estate professional. “There are simple things you can do to show agriculture “in hand” to demonstrate, for example, selling your weed at an annual auction or by tender,” says Jenny. The agreements between the owner and the Weidemann ideally give the owner the rights of the airping and access, usually by sometimes being able to use the land for his own livestock.

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