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Faced with the economic and social difficulties they would face on five continents at the end of the Second World War and even before the cessation of military operations, the Allies planned the creation of an international organization responsible for assistance, mutual assistance and supply. After various negotiations between the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and China, the agreement creating the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was signed on 9 November 1943 in Washington by 44 allied or associate countries. UNRRA, the first international organization in the post-war period, was an inter-Allied and civilian self-help organization, mainly of a technical nature. It oversaw imports into exempt countries and built stockpiles of industrial and consumer goods reserves, which were then transported to reconstruction areas. In agreement with the allied military authorities, UNRRA also assumed responsibility for the supply and repatriation of prisoners and deportees to their countries of origin during the war. The UNRRA Regional Committee for Europe organised the shipment of clothing and food and provided financial assistance to countries where it was needed. After the harsh winter of 1944-45, on 13 February 1945, the Committee adopted a resolution providing for the sending of emergency aid not only to countries that can pay them in transferable currencies, but also to countries that have already received financial assistance. UNRRA, created after the war to resolve economic and humanitarian crises, was closed on 31 March 1949. The various annexes covered and attached to this agreement are part of this agreement and are read as part of this agreement. Although the Fund is authorized by General Assembly Resolution 57 (I) to accept the allocation of UNRRA`s assets, it was considered appropriate to include all transfer arrangements in a single agreement that would have to be ratified by the General Assembly.

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