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Ministers agreed to continue their work and hold military meetings on the basis of the two-way agreement. A two-way deal, much easier to get than a three-way deal, would bring $1 trillion in efficiency, says Andy Xie, a China-based economist. I`ve seen it, and I`m still doing it as a two-way agreement — the business that leans around me and around me. You referred to the operation and post-operative care as a “package” and a tacit two-way agreement, which also included well-articulated and clearly defined figures of post-operative days. The next day, Senator Bruno and Mr. Silver, the Speaker of the Assembly, announced that they had reached a two-way agreement to restore $1.9 billion in spending. “The question now is whether Governor Pataki will face further cuts in the health sector from what is said in the two-way agreement.” You have to understand that a contract is a two-way agreement. Then I got my radio for a two-way conversation with the office. They exchange two-way with the Soviet bloc in order to obtain concrete commercial advantages. When she finished her conversation and turned off the two-way radio, he turned to her. The officer had a two-lane radio that connected him to other downtown officers.

In baseball, players can get a split contract. This contract pays the player different salaries depending on whether they are in major league baseball or minor league baseball. [8] Two-way contracts are common for professional hockey players who want to play in the National Hockey League (NHL). [2] [3] Any hockey player entering the NHL for the first time will sign an entry-level contract with an NHL team that provides that he will receive a higher salary if he is to play with the NHL team, but that he receives a lower salary if he is assigned to a team in the minor leagues such as the American Hockey League or the ECHL. [4] The Delle Donnas responded that their friendship with Medrano was a one-way street. In his helmet, there was a set of two-way shortwave radio. What experts think, however, is that this is a two-way race between Breaking Bad and True Detective. Two-way trade with the United States alone had grown to $7.3 billion. Snowden`s revelations show that such hacking is a two-way road. A two-way contract is a professional sports contract that provides that an athlete`s salary depends on the league in which the athlete is used to play. This is against a single-use contract that would pay the same salary, regardless of where the athlete is assigned to play. [1] There is two-way traffic and the exit is an eastward direction, so the vehicles were placed there.

Since I tried Ludwig in 2017, I have constantly edited and translated it. Since then, I`ve been offering it to my translators at ProSciEditing. During the 2017/18 season, the National Basketball Association was concluded by two second leagues and their nba G League partners. Unlike the NHL, these contracts are not available to all future NBA players, but only to players that a team would like to keep “on retainer” without having to sign a full-time contract. Each NBA team can have up to two two-way contract players per season and is generally considered “16th and 17th man” on a team. [5] Without time before and after the start of the G League season, players with two-way contracts can spend up to 45 days in the NBA while they spend the rest of the season in the G League. [6] [7] Starting in the 2017/18 season, players earn $75,000 while in the G League and about $204,000 if they spend up to 45 days on an NBA team.

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