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Syria and the EU have negotiated an association agreement. However, the signing of the ASSOCIATION agreement ENTRE the EU and Syria has been suspended by the EU due to the internal situation in Syria and, over time, the legal texts of the agreement have become obsolete. Continued internal repression in Syria has also led to restrictive measures on the part of the EU and has a considerable impact on bilateral trade. In 1977, the EU and Syria signed a cooperation agreement that governs relations and serves as the basis for EU-EU relations. [5] Other bilateral agreements between the EU and Syria were concluded in 2004 and 2008. [5] Syria has also joined the European Union for the Mediterranean (and previously the Barcelona Process) and the European Neighbourhood Policy, but does not fully benefit from the EU-Syria Association Agreement signed in 2009[6] and was suspended from the Union for the Mediterranean in 2011. [7] Article V nationals of a contracting party may enter, stay, travel or stay in the territory of the other contracting party for the purpose of promoting trade between the two countries, provided that the enjoyment of the aforementioned rights is governed by the laws and regulations of that other party, which generally apply in the same way to all foreigners. Article IV Both parties agree to grant each other, subject to their respective laws and regulations, the possibilities of organising fairs and exhibitions in their respective territories. The Syrian Arab Republic and the European Union (EU) have signed two agreements between them. However, due to the Syrian government`s crackdown on its opposition, the EU is imposing an embargo on Syria. [1] Since 2011, the EU has supported the Syrian National Opposition Council and has called for the resignation of the current government.

[2] Since 2012, it has recognized the opposition as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people. [3] Before the war, the EU was Syria`s largest trading partner with 3.6 billion euros in EU merchandise exports to Syria and Syrian exports to the EU. Total trade amounted to EUR 7.18 billion in 2010 and the EU is Syria`s largest trading partner (Syria being the 50th largest in the EU), with 22.5% of trade. [9] Bilateral trade has contracted since the war to reach EUR 1.45 billion in 2013, representing a 91% decrease in exports from Syria and a 61% decrease in EU exports compared to 2011. [3] Bilateral relations between the EU and Syria are governed by the cooperation agreement signed in 1977, but are currently exposed to trade in crude oil, petroleum products, gold, precious metals and diamonds. Euromed is an essential element in the search for greater economic integration in the Mediterranean region, including among the Mediterranean partners themselves. Article I Both parties give trade no less favourable treatment than the treatment of trade in a third country. However, this provision does not apply to the granting or sustainability of provisions: Article X must be approved or ratified before the agreement enters into force if the constitutional procedures of one of the signatory countries require it.

The date from which it enters into force is the date on which the two countries exchange notes indicating that the necessary authorization or ratification has been made. The agreement is applicable for one year if it is automatically renewed after its automatic extension, unless it is amended or revoked in writing within three months. IN WITNESS THEREOF, the authorized undersigned signed the agreement in two original copies in English, both of which are equally authentic. More information on the Euro-Mediterranean Syria partnership was requested in October 2001 to become a member of the WTO.

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