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(d) the company and the original owners waive any right to assert rights or to demand or obtain compensation or any other compensation of any kind, including infringement, restitution, unlawful right or right of trust or expropriation under domestic law, against the province or the LCBO: (i) in connection with such a denunciation; (ii) on the basis of rights that the company and the original owners have or have had under the new beer agreements or the 2000 framework agreement; or (iii) on the basis of preferential sales or distribution rights that the company and its original owners have or have had as part of or in connection with other agreements or dwellings with the LCBO or the province (including agreements or housing that were entered into prior to the 2000 Framework Agreement); and benefit from OEM standards and quality to manage your machine`s lifecycle. This agreement, together with the other new beer agreements, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on the purpose of this agreement and contains all commitments, guarantees, guarantees, representations, conditions, agreements and agreements between the parties on this purpose and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and discussions, written or public, relating to this subject. There are no commitments, promises, guarantees, assurances, conditions, agreements or other agreements, verbally glacial, written, explicit, implied or guaranteed between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement, unless expressly stipulated in this agreement and in the other new beer agreements. With more than 24,000 shapes produced each year in our five moulding, online conversion and packaging centers around the world, we can quickly deliver solutions to customers on every continent. Regardless of the generation of your fan, you can maintain performance through our parts form and regeneration services: the standard of disclosure is the same, whether the enforcement procedure invoked under the law is civil or criminal.

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