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Despite these broadly supportive views, the passage of state-agreement bills over the past decade has not been a mere “rubber stamp exercise.” The amendments are usually developed and coordinated with the supporter of the state agreement before being introduced into Parliament. As a result, bills, as they have been introduced, are rarely amended. However, over the past decade, the VA government has benefited from amending an agreement to “modernize” and “normalize” it or impose additional obligations, again with the agreement of the supporter. The legal status of legal agreements is sometimes difficult to define – are they laws or treaties? There are different categories (see Seddon, government treaties: the federal state, the federal states and the municipalities, paragraph 3.9). Mineralogy Pty Ltd/Western Australia [2005] WASCA 69 at [13] stated that the agreement under the Agreement Act is contractual: “The agreement should not be construed as a statute.” The original agreement is in Schedule 1 of the Contracts Act and an amendment is in Schedule 2 (this agreement, if variable, is called the 2002 agreement). The 2002 convention is ratified and approved in accordance with Law S 4 of the Agreement Act. For the first time in 60 years, the law unilaterally amended a state agreement. It relieved the state of defined obligations, nullified potential rights of appeal and verification, and excluded the principles of natural justice. PERTH,miningweekly.com – Queensland mining personality Clive Palmer has threatened to take legal action against the Western Australian government if its parliament passes extraordinary legislation that could prevent the miner from claiming damages in connection with the Balmoral South iron ore project. The Government Agreements Act 1979 (AV) provides for individual legal agreements between the government and mining or similar development project organizations. These are called state agreements. The agreement, which is governed by the Treaty Treaty Act 2002 (WA), is an agreement between the state and seven companies controlled or run by Mr. Clive Palmer.

The VA government also took the opportunity to amend existing government agreements to improve local content commitments. Since 2011, new Member States` agreements have increasingly incorporated local content provisions to ensure that local businesses can get the “maximum” benefits from these important projects.

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