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Examples of unions representing certain professions are the nurses` union, the national railway workers` union, the civil aviation pilots` union and the doctors` union employed in an employment contract. Some of these professional organisations are completely independent and are not linked to any of the three federations (FNV, CNV, senior staff). Can your business be covered in different ways by a collective agreement? [112] The framework agreements will contain the limits of this agreement. In a so-called multi-level agreement, some issues are addressed in the branch contract, while others still need to be decided at the enterprise level: K. Schilstra – E. Smit, Drie scenarios voor de belangenbehartiging van werknemers, SMA 1996, p. 121. Tariff regimes in Europe and Asia, as well as in North and South America, face challenges related to globalization and changes in professional and professional life. Reactions to the changes under way reflect the diversity of negotiating systems, but also underline the need for a contextual understanding of developments.

Although in some countries effective social dialogue involves the development of new strategies to improve occupational health and safety, the transformation of work is so profound that it increases the pressure to adopt new and more effective negotiating strategies and strategies. One of the obvious consequences of decentralization in many trading systems is that the balance of power in the negotiating tables changes at different levels of negotiation. The proliferation of local negotiations requires the development of an institutional framework and procedural guarantees to enable local negotiations on the basis of a more equitable basis between the parties. The situation is somewhat different in the event of a conflict between agreements of the same nature and level. When the scope of two sectoral agreements overlaps, the Minister will not declare them of general application until the parties have resolved the issue. However, sometimes the overlaps are not due to the respective areas of application of the agreements, but to the mixed nature of a given undertaking. In this case, this company may be obliged to apply different collective agreements to their employees, depending on their functional function or the department in which they operate. Finally, the simultaneous application of several inter-professional agreements may occur even if the parties to an individual employment contract agree to apply one collective agreement if they are already legally linked to another. The latter situation is not very different from the situation in which the parties to the individual contract depart from the provisions of the collective agreement by contractual provisions.

This means that the parties are bound by the collective agreement, which is de jure, but the courts can tolerate the application of the chosen collective agreement if it is more favourable for the worker. [91] Collective agreements do not bind workers who are not members of a union that is a party to the collective agreement: so-called unsealed or otherwise organized workers.

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