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The judicial powers of the regional court are limited to the succession, appointment of executors, administrators and other personal representatives, as well as counting their accounts, issues relating to apprentices and controversial elections for district and district officials. Democracy: Replacing elections with the most incompetent for appointment by the corrupt few. The destination The agreement binding on the agreement. But French literature was certainly the winner of Bossuet`s appointment as the prince`s guardian. Hyundai needs to change, but it changes too quickly, which could create internal conflicts and communication problems, if the Ghosn scandal is not properly resolved, the appointment could damage the company`s image and raise doubts about Chung`s ability to manage human resources. Exactly the 140,000 francs – the price of my nomination. Sharpton noted that, if not, some of their mutual critics might indicate that he had played a role in the appointment. (Law) the exercise of the power to designate a person (under a power of appointment) to enjoy a particular property or property; the instrument used for the designation. Probably the recognition and appointment of the elders was simply the transfer of a use considered essential among the Jews, from the synagogue to the Church; and pagan churches naturally followed the example of Jewish Christians. (Government) The attribution of a person by a public servant to the fulfillment of an obligation, such as. B the appointment of a judge by the president to a court. I leave work prematurely because I have a doctor`s appointment. a part of honour or an exercise, such as oration, etc., at a public exhibition of a college; to have an appointment.

I`m ordering my receptionist to make an appointment for you next week. He said the news of his appointment was not true that it was widespread misinformation spread by “some secret services and my rivals.” Appointment, government, wills. The action by which a person is selected and invested in an office; appointment of a judge whose mandate is conclusive evidence. 1 Cranch, 137, 155; Ten farts. 343. The appointment of an executor, which is made by the appointment as such in a will or will. 2. The appointment also includes public employment, almost equivalent to the position. The difference is that the concept of appointment is more important as an Office; for example, the act of authorizing a man to print the laws of the United States by authority and the law that is transmitted by such an act is an appointment, but the right thus transmitted is not a function. 17 S. R. 219, 233.

See 3 P. – R. 157; Coop. only. 599, 604. We will ask the Chair for clarification on the key criteria that the new CEO must meet, namely whether a formal review of strategic options and the portfolio has already begun, how much can be done before the appointment of a new CEO and how the Board of Directors is involved. In addition, the following terms mean: The appointment contract means that the designated purchaser futures contract for the revification of the participating NCC1 was entered into between the issuer and the designated purchaser on or around the date. This appointment proved to be a dubious blessing for the family in the playoffs.

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