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First, the nature of the agreement will make a difference in the advertising rules. If you present the notice period to your late tenant, the rental date will be indicated on the last day of the following week. To terminate a periodic tenancy agreement, the landlord and tenant must inform the other party in writing. Tenants and landlords can terminate a lease for a variety of reasons, z.B.: If the property includes only a new paint, a change in flooring or routine maintenance, this does not fall under the “major renovations” category. This is not considered a good reason to break a lease in Alberta. In these circumstances, penalties must be imposed on both landlord notifications, leases and termination agreements. The details depend on individual circumstances. The landlord or tenant is not obliged to resign to end a temporary rent. It is polite that the landlord or tenant should make a reminder before the end of the tenancy agreement. The interest of a lease is to avoid litigation. In the event of a dispute between the landlord and the tenant, the tenancy agreement also exists for the protection of the rights of both parties. If the tenants do not terminate properly, they may be responsible for paying the rent up to the date of the rental of the unit to another tenant or the earliest termination date, if the termination has been made, depending on the most important date. If you are a business rental property, you need to know your contractual terms.

As in the case of a rental, there can only be certain conditions under which you can terminate a rental agreement. If you are considering breaking your business lease or not, you must compare penalties and fees with the payment fee for the balance of your lease. In a periodic tenancy agreement, a tenant cannot move without proper notice. In the province of Alberta, landlords and tenants must meet certain conditions to successfully terminate a lease. It is important to have a lease to resolve problems before they cause legal complications – which usually occur when a party decides to terminate the contract. If a tenant wishes to break the lease prematurely due to personal circumstances (i.e. job loss, moving to work), the tenant must speak to the landlord and check whether the landlord accepts the early termination of the tenancy agreement. Tenants could offer to help the landlord find a new tenant by recruiting the suite online or in local community hubs.

The lessor is not obliged to accept the rental agreement, but may be ready if the tenant agrees to assist with advertising and to ensure that the suite can be rented.

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