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Since a service contract describes the specifics of the payment, it also helps to avoid surprise charges. If you sign the agreement, you need to know exactly what the service will cost you. Although the department`s signature authorities are different within the Government of Canada, the implementation of service agreements should be aligned with departmental policy. It is expected that the parties to a service agreement will identify the individual holders responsible for the actions implemented. In general, with increased customer control over service financing, the complexity of financing management is also increasing. For example, a flat fee based on estimated annual use would tend to be easier to manage and would provide a more favourable and stable funding flow. However, there is only a small correlation between user behaviour and fees collected. A fee for a service model, calculated on the actual volume of transactions, would be complex to manage, but could be adapted to the desired user behavior. Such a model would also be more adaptable, more scalable and more cost-effective.

Based on the experience of other public and private sector organizations, most organizations are moving from “detailed” billing of usage-based services to more manageable models. This model is used for insurance service contracts that require a financial report, including financial audits and audit warrants provided by individuals with a recognized professional accounting designation. Appendix A contains a checklist of key items that are usually included in a service contract. Personalize in other ways that match your business or the respective service transaction. Performance in the sense of a service agreement identifies the results and results that the parties expect from the agreement. Together, the achievements and results show how well the service system has achieved its objectives. Collecting performance information is essential to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery.

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