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This section contains information on the time frame at which the goal is reached. A goal may require the entire duration of the placement before it is achieved, but some goals may be achieved earlier in the placement. It is proposed that a balance between the objectives in terms of time frames (some shorter than others) ensure that the learning agreement is dynamic and conducive to development. To get help, students must provide written justification for their disability, health status or learning needs. This may take the form of a report from an educational psychologist (dyslexia or other SPLD) or a letter from a family doctor or counsellor. After a missed meeting, you will be called or delegated by the mentor to determine the reason for your non-participation and confirm the next appointment. If we can`t talk to you, we`ll send you an email asking you to confirm that you want to have another appointment. If we do not hear from you on time, we assume that you do not want any more appointments and that your sessions will end. If you miss two sessions per semester, we will contact you by phone or email, as shown above. If we don`t hear from you based on the specified date and time, we assume you don`t want sessions at this time. If you have missed more than two sessions and have not contacted us in the desired time, but want support, you should speak to an advisor by contacting Wellbeing@exeter.ac.uk, and if you have agreed, further tutoring sessions will be assigned to you during this semester. Please note that this may not be the case with your current mentor.

Students must work with their clinical/practical educator to establish a learning agreement that helps guide their learning. This should be done through negotiation between the student and the clinical teacher until the end of the first week of a full-time internship. Before the internship, students are encouraged to perform a SWOT analysis for the internship, after taking into account the area in which they will learn and getting what they want to get with some ideas. Students are also encouraged to complete a learning style questionnaire to help them see how they learn most effectively so they can apply it in practice. 8. It is the responsibility of any employee who receives disclosure of a disability to respond by stressing that the university is committed to supporting students and making appropriate adjustments. It should also be noted to the student that, now that the university is aware of its disability, teams A and I are informed. The L-TSA can be checked at any time during your course if your support needs change. City`s learning assistance is provided by the three Disability Support, Neurodiversity Support and Academic Learning Support teams. Assessors work closely with faculties, academic staff and other support services, such as housing, library and information studies, when assessing students` needs and making recommendations.

Once you have accepted the contents of the agreement, you and your advisor will sign the document and receive a copy that you can keep. 15. An ARUAA is defined in the university`s “definition of terms” as “if students are identified as additional support requirements, details of appropriate agreed adjustments are made in the student`s ARUAA.

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