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The committees are co-chaired by UK and EU officials. Each specialized commission will work a little differently. The co-chairs agree on dates and agendas. The specialised committees support the Joint Committee by focusing in detail on the key elements of the withdrawal agreement. They draw up recommendations for the decision of the Joint Committee on the Withdrawal Agreement. The joint committee held its first meeting on March 30 and a second meeting on June 12. The next meeting is expected to take place in September. Ministerial statement written after the joint committee meeting for the withdrawal agreement on October 19. Either the UK or the EU can request a meeting that should take place within 30 days.

The joint committee of the withdrawal agreement will continue as long as necessary after the transition period has expired. The meetings will take place in turn between London and Brussels, unless the co-chairs decide otherwise, and may also be organised by video or teleconference. It is co-chaired by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Mr Rt Hon Michael Gove, Member of Parliament and Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr MaroĆ© Efsovic. The VA has established a joint committee “responsible for the implementation and implementation of the agreement” (Article 164). The UK and the EU will work to resolve all disputes over the implementation of the agreement in the Joint Committee. But if no solution can be found, the disputes will be referred to an arbitration tribunal. Reading of the first meeting of the Joint Committee on the Withdrawal Agreement. The co-presidency was copied by the British Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rt Hon Michael Gove, and the Vice-President of the European Commission, MaroĆ© Efsovic, and participated in a small delegation bringing together representatives of the Member States and ministers of the Northern Ireland Executive. The committee adopted the joint report on citizens` rights on residence and approved its publication.

The fourth meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee on the Withdrawal Agreement was held on Monday 19 October 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the meeting was held in London, UK, and via video conference.

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