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In return for an exclusivity agreement, the company should try to do so: let`s first talk about the same thing when we talk about an exclusivity clause. A typical exclusivity clause could, for example, offer: WHEREAS, the company and the agent want to enter into an agreement under which the agent markets and sells the product under the following conditions. In the agency contract, the exclusivity clause is governed by art. 1743 BGB, under which the awarding entity cannot grant the right to sell its products to other representatives in the same territory and in the same commercial activity. The same prohibition applies to the agent who cannot sell or market the products of other contracting entities in the same territory and in the same type of transactions. However, contracting parties may waive this principle. In addition, it should be considered that, in several cases, the case law has recognized the validity of the exclusivity agreement between the parties outside .B written representation agreement, for example through oral agreements, emails or acts that may indicate exclusivity between the parties. For example, the decision of the Guip├ęzcoa Provincial Court of 19 January 2005 (AC 2005/300) indicates that it is for this reason that prior knowledge of the LAC in Spain and the sector in which it operates, as well as good legal advice when entering the negotiation phases of the exclusivity clause in agency contracts, can be decisive. Regarding the opinion of Thibault Lassale, who works as a real estate consultant at IAD Portugal, his belief is that some of the reasons why some customers do not want to hire an agent with an exclusivity clause in the contract is the haste to sell their real estate or buy a perfect property: The initial exclusivity clause between Apple and AT-T has been whispered for five years, but exceptions and clauses “out” allowed Apple to start selling with other media a few years after the release of the first iPhone.

The formulation and implementation of the clause with AT-T has also helped Apple develop a model of agreements in other countries where AT-T has not been able to provide a service. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may also be conditional on the purchase or sale of property for a certain period of time. Exclusive agreements between franchisors and franchisees are often stricter than those between other parties. Before you sign something, you negotiate the terms until you are comfortable with what you will get by signing the agreement. However, this clause is not mandatory and must be agreed between the broker and the client, which is why many brokerage contracts do not contain this clause and allow the client to contact other brokerage firms and conclude the purchase process with a buyer who has been considered by another company. Because of the importance of this topic, I interviewed two real estate advisors working in Portugal, Anne Brightman and Thibault Lassale, and asked for their opinions on the exclusivity clause. In addition, I will briefly supplement their quotations with a few legal aspects. A seller might say that it is too difficult to determine whether a buyer participated in the agreement if a business broker is involved.

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