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Savings – EnerGuide evaluation will help you choose the most practical and cost-effective energy improvements for your government action plans – As a participant, you benefit from the authorized use of the government-backed ENERGY STARĀ® symbol and you are listed as an energy starĀ® participant builder on the nrCan website. 3. Commitment to Voluntary Market-Based Adoption Processes The energy assessment objective (between ERS 78 and ERS 86) is present in all labelling programs. However, some of the labels are for a performance range, not a particular level. With the introduction of new energy efficiency targets in the building rules, label programs need to re-evaluate their current requirements. Five new private home labels – BuiltGreen, Environments For Living, GreenHouse Certified, LEED Canada for Homes and Passive House – also have preconditions for other sustainable or green development indicators that do not consistently require third-party performance metrics. CRESNET: www.cresnet.ca launched in 2007, the Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET) E-Scale is an energy assessment system that looks at the introduction of a Canadian version of RESNLs HERS, a zero-base energy assessment system for homes called E-Scale. CRESTNET, an Ottawa-based company, has not yet participated in the rating activities. 1. Confidence in construction science and contractor training Most labelling systems include master-of-ownership training, based on the construction approach as a system developed by the R-2000 initiative, although specific training requirements vary.

The exceptions are: Environments For Living, a proprietary system used only by a manufacturing manufacturer in Canada, and ENERGY STAR, GreenHome, GreenHouse Certified Construction and LEED for Homes, where the training of owners is optional and not necessary. Natural Resources Canada`s (NRCan) EnerGuide rating system helps owners evaluate their energy efficiency plans and provide energy efficiency upgrades that benefit their customers. If the house is built, it receives an EnerGuide label that is recognized at the federal level as a method of indicating the energy efficiency of a home. By looking for homes with better EnerGuide ratings, homeowners save on electricity bills and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their homes.

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