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It is important that you allow the employee to answer questions when it comes to the return of real estate. For example, maybe they don`t really have the iPad you think they have. They may have already done things back to it or security, and you don`t know. In addition, keys, sales promotional materials, lists, software and any other tools an employee would use must be returned. After the job is accepted, some services require new employees to sign a tool restitution agreement or to charge a replacement fee for a new tool from their last paycheck or as a separate invoice billed at home. An employee has 10 days to return and/or pay for tools that are not returned. While the purpose of the letter is simple – to recover your property – the letter itself must provide concrete information about what your employee needs to do. Your return of the company`s ownership letter should include, for example. B, the number of days the employee must return, the date of termination, the items he must return and the place where he must return it. When it comes to actually writing the return of the company`s ownership letter, you must start in the same way as for any internal memo or letter. This means that you have to include your contact information above and then an object line.

Follow all this by talking to the employee. “Depending on that date, [insert a date], we don`t have a record that you return the following articles: For this letter to work, you need to track the tools and properties of the staff. Always make an updated record on the location of your property so you can get it back if someone leaves the organization. If you don`t, you could bleed money and compromise your safety. After aligning all the details, it is time for you to get into the central message of the return of the company`s ownership letter, in which all the important details that the employee should know. We have covered some things here today, but the main excerpts are that the return of the company`s ownership letter is a great way to ensure that you and your outgoing employees are on the same side of what they have in their possession and clearly offer them the opportunity to return the property on time. Part of this property is located z.B. perhaps on the employee`s desk. Some organizations do not allow laid-off employees to return to their offices and instead choose to send security or personnel to collect items. Others may allow the employee to get their belongings back.

It`s up to you to do it, but make sure everything they have at home is contained in the letter.

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